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Plants & Lawn Care

What can be more pleasing than being surrounded by vibrant colors, delicious fragrances and intriguing textures?

Begick Nursery

Whether you are adding to an existing landscape or garden or starting new, Begick Nursery has the perfect plant.


Hybrid teas, Floribunda, English, David Austin, Shrub and Landscape Roses eah have a place in every design.


Plant annuals and they'll reward you with bursts of color all summer long. All they ask in return is some water and fertilizer.

Herbs & Vegetables

Serve herbs and vegetables fresh from your garden to make meal time more exciting and healthy.

Trees & Shrubs

Enhance your living space with trees and shrubs. Eye-catching plants provide color, appeal, and comfortable shade.

Ornamental Evergreens

Give your outdoor space a unique focal point with an Ornamental Evergreen. These versatile plants transform secluded areas.


Fill your landscape or garden with color and texture when you choose from our abundant selection of perennials.

Hanging Baskets/Pots

Baskets and pots overflowing with plants offer a friendly welcome on your porch, deck, or even throughout your garden.


Ferns, Orchids, Bromeliads, African Violets, Begonias, and Tropicals bring the beauty, color, and fragrance of nature indoors.

Looking for a particular plant? Shop online and pickup at Begick's.

Plant & Lawn Care

Looking for a particular plant? Shop online and pickup at Begick's.

The team at Begick Nursery is happy to share the secrets to a happy & healthy landscape.

Begick has the expert guides on how to offer the best care for all of your plants, flowers, and trees.

Begick Nursery & Garden Center has the largest selection of outdoor and garden decorations east of the Mississippi!

Find the Miracle Gro, Espoma, and GreenView fertilizers you need to grow happy, healthy plants, trees, and lawns.

Listen to Lawn & Garden Digest here.

Begick Nursery is your go-to knowledge and treatment source for disease or pest outbreaks in our area. Let our experts assist you!

Begick Nursery Plant and Lawn Care

Visit our Plant and Lawn Care section to learn more about our Garden Essentials, Tips & Tricks, Pest Control and more.

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