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Selecting Grass Seed to Help Plump Your Lawn

A popular spring task is selecting grass seed to help plump up the lawn for the growing season. But what cool-season grass seed should you pick for your yard? Timing The garden center shelves are bursting with bags of lawn seed, but is it the right time to sow that seed? It doesn’t hurt to […]

Draw Pollinators Like Bees & Butterflies to Your Garden

If you dream of a garden filled with butterflies, bees, and bumblebees, use flowering perennials to create a wonderful garden that is buzzing with life. And you will boost biodiversity at the same time. Way to go!   Mix & Match The more variety in plants, the more life in the garden. Perennials offer so […]

Fall garden cleanup

While cutting back dead plants and raking leaves can make for a clean-looking yard, it may not be the best thing for pollinators and other wildlife that inhabit our landscapes. So, how should we approach garden clean-up in the fall?